Chicago, April 2018 – with Amona Buechler



April 12-29 2018 at the IMU Chicago


3-Week Series – Awareness Through Movement

Come closer to Living your Full Potential
In this series, enjoy a composition of lessons, which touch some of the most fundamental aspects of movement coordination. You will explore your upright posture, the interplay of musculature, breathing coordination, the influence of your eyes on you overall experience, joint mobility, and the power of imagination. You are given the tools on how to observe yourself in ways that promote making new discoveries which have the power to generate change! The approach of the Feldenkrais Method educates and inspires you to become your own authority, to claim your own dignity, to live your potential.


Details about the Series:

This is an integrative process, each day builds on the previous, but benefits are numerous even if you just take one day of the 3-week series. The choice is yours.
You will explore and learn the 10 basic lessons from the book by Moshe Feldenkrais “Awareness Through Movement”.


Day 1: Saturday April 14 2018 10:00am to 5:30pm:

Find support and aliveness:

  1. Skeletal Support & the Standing Reflex – from sitting to standing
  2. Upright & Tall with Ease – extensor coordination
  3. Breathing Fully – alivening the diaphragm


Day 2: Saturday April 21 2018 10:00am to 5:30pm:

Acting from your center:

  1. Easy Walking – coordinating flexors & extensors
  2. Pelvic Power – the core & legs work together
  3. Improving Special Awareness – through the means of imagination


Day 3: Saturday April 28 2018 10:00am to 5:30pm:

Rediscover your flexibility:

  1. Free your Neck – by means of rotating the spine
  2. Flexible Body – by reducing muscular effort
  3. Organizing the Eyes – improves overall coordination 


BONUS – the last two lessons in the book will be taught at ongoing Feldenkrais class at IMU, currently on Mondays:

Feldenkrais Class Mondays 5:00-6:00pm (April 16 & 23)

  1. Completing the Self Image – by combining action and imagination
  2. Breathing Deeply – improves your thinking



Held at Inner Metamorphosis University in East Rogers Park, click here


The Whole Series – Three Days $230
Two Days $160
One Day $90


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Amona Buechler: click here


Individual Sessions with Amona Buechler:


Functional Integration
Feldenkrais Hands-On Sessions

The Feldenkrais Method® uses physical exploration as a tool to develop awareness and to learn how to learn, so that we might live more fully, at ease, and with a greater freedom of choice, as well as improving movement and coordination. Read more
1-3 FI $70 each, 4-7 FIs $65 each, more than 8 FIs $60 each.
Contact me to schedule the sessions, then: Book here


Focusing – An Individual Process
Verbally Guided Bodily Listening

Coming unstuck in what we perceive to be our problems. A guided felt-sense journey allows for shifts  in perception and deeper insights than our thinking mind and our emotional reactions can possibly offer us. Read more
One session usually lasts about an hour. If it is your first time it may last up to 1.5 hours. $50 per session.
Contact me to schedule the sessions, then: Book here


ARUN Conscious Touch
Receiving Healing Touch Consciously

Simply relax and re-charge. A wonderfully pleasant, relaxing, balancing, and re-energizing hands on technique, including a variety of approaches, neutral “listening” touches, shaking & rocking, dynamic or held deep pressures, stretches, breath-touches, and strokes. Read more
One session lasts 1 hour or 1.5 hours depending on your choice.
$60 per each 1 hour session, $80 per each 1.5 hour session.
DISCOUNT: Book four or more sessions ahead, save $5 each session.
Contact me to schedule the sessions, then: Book here



All modalities that I offer complement each other. If you are curious to experience all three before deciding which one fits best for your current needs, take advantage of the special THREE-MODALITY-DISCOUNT-PACKAGE

Book one of each for a total of $150 and SAVE $30 (Regular value $180)

Contact me to schedule the sessions.

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