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Workshop – Learn to Enrich your Life

Focusing & Awareness Through Movement with Amona Buechler

Learn how to clear emotional blockages, allowing for an increased sense of freedom and flow in every area of your life. You will be given tools that enable you to move beyond any “stuck” place with fresh insights.

Using sensory awareness, accessing the felt-sense, practicing the art of listening with total presence, and using simple movements and breath experimentation, you will have an opportunity to be clear about what you feel or want. This will stimulate change or healing. By accessing the felt-sense, a fuzzy and inarticulate and vague experience comes gradually into focus, more tangible and easier to work with.

While having facilitated others and myself through this process, I have experienced and witnessed the most surprising life-changing shifts.


Three Awareness Through Movement classes, based on the Feldenkrais Method, will create a foundation for sensory awareness, inner relaxation and energetic aliveness. On this basis, complemented by a variety of partner exercises, you will learn to Focus.

Free Focusing Session before the workshop:

Day 1 – Preparing the Ground

Practicing three basic tools for Focusing:

Day 2 – Practicing the 6-Step Focusing Process

Practicing the complete Focusing Process:

PS: Class size is limited so that each student receives personalised attention.
Our beautiful and eco-friendly workshop space is warm & inviting.



Learn what our students have experienced: Feldenkrais read here; Focusing read here (on the bottom of page)



This Workshop will provide you with the basic information, and  will give you the basic experience of how to receive and give Focusing. There is much more to explore and learn if you want to utilize this method, for it to significantly enrich your life-quality. I would therefore recommend joining a local Focusing group (Changes Group Evanston) click here, or find a Focusing partner via phone click here. I will offer Focusing sessions whenever I visit Chicago.

Dan DeLorenzo offers a weekly Feldenkrais Class right here at IMU. You can also search for Feldenkrais Practitioners near you, click here. I will offer Feldenkrais Functional Integration whenever I visit Chicago. This method provides you with the capacity to observe yourself during everyday activity in specific ways. This will increase your potential to live your life to your fullest potential.


For more information about the Feldenkrais Method  and my background & experience you may explore the whole web site.
For more information about Focusing, please visit my Focusing Page or



Saturday, June 17, 10:30am to 5:00pm
Sunday, June 18, 12:00pm to 6:30pm


$140  Incl. 1 hour individual Focusing Session (value $45) during the two weeks prior to the workshop
SAVE  $20: Introduce a friend, a neighbour or family member to this wonderful work and each of you save $20.


Held at Inner Metamorphosis University in East Rogers Park, click here


Registration required. Please make the full payment to register.

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Amona Buechler
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Amona Buechler: click here


What do I bring?
Please bring a comfortable long sleeved shirt, long pants, and a light lunch. Mats and blankets, water and tea are provided.

Do I have to have experience?
Everybody is invited to attend regardless of past experience.

Do you have parking?
Metered parking as well as free street parking available in the entire surrounding area – find the map

How do I get to the IMU?
You may use convenient public transportation, see details & plan your trip here

Who benefits from Focusing?
All those who want to live a life rich in present moment awareness. Anyone who wishes to become emotionally mature, mentally clear, honest with oneself and others, and increasingly unburdened and joyful. Focusing can be used to become clear on what one feels or wants, to obtain new insights about one’s situation, and to stimulate change or healing. read more

Who was the founder of Focusing?
At the University of Chicago, beginning in 1953, Eugene Gendlin did 15 years of research analyzing what made psychotherapy either successful or unsuccessful. Gendlin found that, without exception, the successful patient intuitively focuses inside on a very subtle and vague internal bodily awareness—or “felt sense”—which contains information that, if attended to, holds the key to the resolution of the problems the patient is experiencing. read more

Who benefits from the Feldenkrais Method?
Everybody benefits as we all have developed physical, emotional and mental patterns that are outdated and do not serve us anymore. It enables us to know what we do, thereby enabling us to choose and do what we want. read more details

Who was the founder of the Feldenkrais Method?
Moshe Feldenkrais, 1904 –1984, studied, amongst other things, Judo, anatomy, physiology, child development, movement science, evolution, psychology, a number of Eastern awareness practices, and other somatic approaches. He was the author of several books. More about…

What else is offered in Oct/Nov 2017 by Amona Buechler:

Functional Integration
Feldenkrais Hands-On Sessions

The Feldenkrais Method® uses physical exploration as a tool to develop awareness and to learn how to learn, so that we might live more fully, at ease, and with a greater freedom of choice, as well as improving movement and coordination.

Read more

June 5- June 30 2017
During this time-frame, consider taking advantage of the multiple session discount:
1-3 FI $70 each,
4-7 FIs $65 each,
8-11 FIs $60 each,
12 or more FIs $55 each.

Multiple FIs within a short time frame create optimal conditions for learning and integration. The time given provides the grounds to first discover new/easier possibilities (the novel), and to then revisit those discoveries in various ways, so that they become natural aspects of your daily routine (making the novel familiar and reliable).
Please plan some time for yourself after a Feldenkrais Session, maybe to take a walk at beautiful Lake Michigan close by.

Contact me to schedule the sessions, then: Book here

Focusing – An Individual Process
Verbally Guided Bodily Listening

Coming unstuck in what we perceive to be our problems. A guided felt-sense journey allows for shifts  in perception and deeper insights than our thinking mind and our emotional reactions can possibly offer us.

Read more

June 5- June 30 2017
One session usually lasts about an hour. If it is your first time it may last up to 1.5 hours.
$50 per session. Please plan some time for yourself after a Focusing Session, maybe to take a walk at beautiful Lake Michigan close by, or just to have alone-time.

Contact me to schedule the sessions, then: Book here

ARUN Conscious Touch
Receiving Healing Touch Consciously

Simply relax and re-charge. A wonderfully pleasant, relaxing, balancing, and re-energizing hands on technique, including a variety of approaches, neutral “listening” touches, shaking & rocking, dynamic or held deep pressures, stretches, breath-touches, and strokes.

Read more

June 5- June 30 2017
One session lasts 1 hour or 1.5 hours depending on your choice.
$60 per each 1 hour session, $80 per each 1.5 hour session.
DISCOUNT: Book four or more sessions ahead, save $5 each session.
Please plan some time for yourself after a ARUN Conscious Touch Session.

Contact me to schedule the sessions, then: Book here


All modalities that I offer complement each other. If you are curious to experience all three before deciding which one fits best for your current needs, take advantage of the special THREE-MODALITY-DISCOUNT-PACKAGE

Book one of each for a total of $150 and SAVE $30 (Regular value $180)

Contact me to schedule the sessions, then: Book here

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