Inner (Somatic) Presence

your foundation for being adventurously alive

develop emotional intelligence

receive caring contact

refine your actions

leave no one behind & certainly not yourself

We often judge ourselves. We are judged by others. We often judge others.
We think in the realm of right and wrong

I invite you to curiously explore yourself in order to live your potential more (joy) fully
leave the “not enough” atmosphere behind and instead,
I invite you to learn with an atmosphere of excitement, aliveness, and curiosity.

Learn to improve your actions, the clarity of your intentions, and your decision making,
Learn the art of being empathetic, respectful, and grateful - with yourself and others.

Join me on this beautiful journey, where you will discover everyone's preciousness, including your own.

“If you are ready to go deep, Amona is the one. It is a healing experience.” Jeff Stitely, Stitely Entertainment Chicago


Due to Corona, I am currently mostly in Germany (Leipzig) but will be in Taiwan in November & December of 2020.

I am available for online sessions throughout the year and do offer online courses.


Aug-Nov 2020 ONLINE closed group
Beginner Focusing (advanced workshops in Taipei Nov/Dec) (EN/CHI)

Nov 27, 28, 29 2020 Taiwan, Taipei (EN/CHI)
Intermediate Focusing Workshop at Essential Living (EN/CHI)

(Continuation of online-course from Aug 2020)

Dec 4, 5, 6 2020 Taiwan, Taipei (EN/CHI)
Beginner Focusing Workshop at Essential Living (EN/CHI) - English description

Dec 11, 12, 13 2020 Taiwan, Taipei (EN/CHI)
Advanced Focusing Workshop at Essential Living (EN/CHI)

(Continuation of online-course from Apri & Aug 2020)


February 13., 20., 27. 2021, Saturdays 2pm-5pm ONLINE
The Art of Decision-Making - Uniting Belly & Brain (Focusing inspired) (German)

March Sat 20 & Sun 21 2021, Germany, VHS-Aachen
Mobilizing the Pelvic Floor - Feldenkrais Method (German)

March 07 to 12 2021 Germany, Unterfranken
5-Days: Learn healing-touch: Regulate the nervous system & strengthen resilience (German)

Co-Facilitated with my sister

April 06 to 11 2021 Germany, near Bonn
Coming Home to Yourself - 5-Day Retreat (German)

Co-Facilitated with my sister

June 06 to 11 2021 Germany, Island Langeoog
Healthy Eyes - Relaxed Posture (Feldenkrais & Focusing) (German)

June 13 to 18 2021 Germany, Island Langeoog
Relaxed in Your (Professional) Life (Focusing & Feldenkrais) (German)

Sep 5-10 2021 Germany, Coast of the North Sea
Good Vision - Relaxed Posture (Feldenkrais & Focusing)

Sep 12-17 2021 Germany, Coast of the North Sea
A Fit Body Hosts a Fit Mind (Feldenkrais & Focusing)

Oct 24 to 29 2021 Germany, Island Spiekeroog
Relaxed in Your (Professional) Life (Focusing & Feldenkrais) (German)

Double Stretch
Amona and child
Man (underarm stretch)