Amona Buechler

Amona Buechler

Education & Manifestations

I graduated as a Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM from a Professional Feldenkrais Training (1994-1998). Since 2017, I am a Certified Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer. I am also certified as an advanced Conscious Touch practitioner, as well asa  Focusing practitioner,

Until 2015 I have offered workshops and sessions in the US, Chicago. Since then I am traveling to various continents offering those and other modalities for self-inquiry and personal growth.

Before getting into those practices I worked as a carpenter. Then, until 2015, parallel to working as a practitioner, I also established a sales company: BestMassage, a meditation center: Inner Metamorphosis University, and an organic vegetarian restaurant in Chicago.

The combination of running businesses with involving myself in inner practices, and offering workshops and sessions to the public, gave me a treasure of life experience: knowing of people’s everyday challenges, and knowing of how supportive and transformative awareness practices can be. Now, I have left all other businesses behind and just work with people as described on this web site.

In short, I am fascinated by self-exploration, through which I discover my spontaneous and creative being, and I guide others to catch fire for a path towards living themselves authentically and joyfully.

Current Activities & Locations

I am offering workshops, training, and sessions Feldenkrais, Conscious-Touch, Focusing in various countries including Germany, the US, Brazil, Taiwan, Italy, China, and Spain. Due to Covid-19 I am currently mostly in Germany, making my new home Leipzig.
I also offer Focusing and Feldenkrais Online, via video-call.

My Personal Life

My greatest joys in life include the enjoyment of movement, being in nature, and various practices of consciousness. Besides an engaging business-life, I have been blessed to come in contact with intense practices such as above mentioned, and silent and active meditations.

I tremendously enjoy dance such as Latin Dances, Kizomba, Blues, Tango, and half-a-lifetime ago, also music such as singing, piano, guitar, drums, as well as martial arts, Judo, self-defense, Ki-Aikido, and other sports.
Besides the passion to create and being active, I am always seeking aloneness and spaces of meditation and silence, which I tremendously enjoy.
Here some video-clips about practices that I have appreciated for health and well-being: Awareness, Aliveness & Vitality.

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Feldenkrais Practitioner Certification 1998

ARUN Conscious Touch Practioner Level 1 & 2

Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer Certification

Focusing Skills Certification Level 1-5

Focusing-Advanced (TIFI)

Nervenmobilisation 2019

Focusing Practitioner (BFA)

Focusing Teacher (BFA)

Certified Focusing Professional (TIFI)

Certified Focusing Trainer (TIFI)