Amona Buechler

Amona Buechler

Education & Manifestations

Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM (1994-1998)
Certified Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer since 2017
Certified Focusing Trainer since 2021
Focusing Coordinator in Training since 2023
ARUN Conscious Touch Training Level 1 & 2, completed in 2016
Two-year training in Systemic Constellations, completed in 2023

Until 2015 I offered workshops and sessions in the US, Chicago. Then, for six years until 2021, I traveled to different continents to offer these and other modalities for self-exploration and personal growth. Today, I live in Leipzig, Germany, and offer my services both live and online.

Before offering these modalities professionally, I worked as a carpenter. Then, between 1998 and 2015, I also established a sales company: BestMassage, a meditation center: Inner Metamorphosis University, and an organic vegetarian restaurant: Lake Side Café, in Chicago.

The combination of running businesses while fully immersing myself in inner practices, as well as offering workshops and sessions to the public, provided me with a treasure trove of life experience: understanding people’s everyday challenges, and knowing how supportive and transformative awareness practices can be.

In short, I am fascinated by self-exploration, through which I discover my spontaneous and creative being, and I guide others to catch fire for a way to live themselves authentically and joyfully.

My Personal Life

Among my greatest joys in life are organic movement, being in nature, sharing meaningful time with others, and immersing myself in the consciousness process, personally and collectively. Witnessing the incredible evolution of the humanity’s consciousness excites my heart. I feel blessed to have come in contact with silent and active meditations and a great variety of other modalities.

I tremendously enjoy (partner)-dance, singing, playing the guitar, painting…, and, in my ‘former life’. I did martial arts, Judo, self-defense, Ki-Aikido, and other sports.
Besides my passion for creating and being active, spaces for aloneness, meditation and silence are of great importance to me.

Here are some video clips about practices that I have appreciated for health and well-being: Awareness, Aliveness & Vitality.

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Feldenkrais Practitioner Certification 1998

ARUN Conscious Touch Practioner Level 1 & 2

Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer Certification

Focusing Skills Certification Level 1-5

Focusing-Advanced (TIFI)

Nervenmobilisation 2019

Focusing Practitioner (BFA)

Focusing Teacher (BFA)

Certified Focusing Professional (TIFI)

Certified Focusing Trainer (TIFI)

Systemic Constellation