Awareness, Aliveness & Vitality

I would like to share a variety of practices that I have explored, and insights that I have gained in the last 20+ years.

While, as a professional, I am focussing on the Feldenkrais Method, I feel that a conscious life-stile, health, well-being, maturity, emotional, mental and physical balance needs our attention from many angles, life long. I desire to share various beautiful discoveries that I have made, some because of painful necessity, some just out of curiosity. I myself have practiced and used for some years following approaches. I do not do any of those daily, consistently. While I admire people who are focused on one skill only, and become true masters in it, life has too much to offer for me, so I keep exploring a variety of approaches. I get different benefits from each. I greatly appreciated the following practices, for their effect, inspiration, healing and health, insight, transformation and joys they have brought into my life.

Waking up made easy with the Rumble Roller:



Awaken Your Inner Organs with Meridian Stretches:

Written detailed instructions for Meridian Stretches: Click Here


The Feldenkrais Method

More topics to come: Meditation; Focusing; Cleansing: -intestinal, -liver/gallbladder, -kidney; PH-Balance; Dancing; Oil Swishing, and much more.

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