Awareness, Aliveness & Vitality

I would like to share a variety of practices that I have explored, and insights that I have gained in the last 20+ years.

While, as a professional, I am focusing on the Feldenkrais Method and the Focusing Method, I feel that a conscious life-stile, health, well-being, maturity, emotional, mental and physical balance needs our attention coming from many angles, life long. I desire to share various beautiful discoveries that I have made, some because of painful necessity, some just out of curiosity. I myself have practiced and used for some years following approaches. I do not do any of those daily, consistently. While I admire people who are focused on one skill only, and become true masters in it, life has too much to offer for me, so I keep exploring a variety of approaches and receive different benefits from each. I greatly appreciated the following practices, for their effect on healing and health, and for the inspiration, joy and transformation they have brought into my life.


Ways of Coming into Presence with Yourself
Audio 15 minutes each – Click each link to listen

Coming into Presence – Scan & Resource

Coming into Presence – Grounding & Friendliness

Coming into Presence – Inner Atmosphere


Waking up made easy with the Rumble Roller:


Awaken Your Inner Organs with Meridian Stretches:

Written detailed instructions for Meridian Stretches: Click Here

Audio-Deutsch: direkt hier hören und mitmachen

The Feldenkrais Method

More details on my home page: Click Here


The Focusing Method

More details on the method: Click Here


ARUN Conscious Touch

More details on the method: Click Here

Awareness Through Movement – Free Audio Lesson


In the comfort of your home, enjoy the possibility of stopping the audio file any time.
Add pauses or play with certain variations longer, as it fits you.

After having followed this audio-lesson myself, I would – for a perfected recording – add extra time when asked to slide the foot toward and away from the pelvis, and I would add more pauses during the circular movements in the end. Improvements to come one day (-;



More topics to come: Meditation; Focusing; Cleansing: -intestinal, -liver/gallbladder, -kidney; PH-Balance; Dancing; Oil Swishing, and much more.

Please let me know if you would like to be notified about additional new posts.