Conscious Touch

The Benefits of Conscious Touch 

The receiver will typically feel grounded, and deeply relaxed as well as energized. Muscular tension, pains, and energetic blocks have the chance to release and disappear, or they might initially become perceivable & conscious and thereby apparently stronger, depending on the moment in which the receiver finds him or herself in life. While this is a pleasurable experience, it is also deeply healing while supporting a flow and expansion.

Both giver and receiver remain gently present to the moment and everything that happens inside themselves. The giver uses a variety of touches, such as neutral “listening” touches, shaking & rocking, dynamic or held deep pressures, stretches, breath-touches, strokes, and more.

The receiver can enjoy the touch while also being encouraged to attend to the effects throughout the self. The effects on the breath, the physical sensory experience, the connections, and the energetic flow throughout the body, and the increasing presence and stillness.



My Education

I have completed the ARUN Intensive Training Level 1 twice and ARUN Intensive Training Level 2. Total Training time participated: 380 hours.
I also include elements of Functional Integration based on the Feldenkrais Method.

The Roots of ARUN Conscious Touch

ARUN was deeply inspired by Traditional Thai Massage, Alexander Technique, Rolfing, Deep Tissue Massage, Trager Approach, Feldenkrais Method, Polarity Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Acupressure, Middendorf Breath, Osteopathy and more.

Started in 1994 by Anubuddha and Anasha, ARUN nurtures love and awareness for all the natural functioning and interactions of the Human Energy Field. More

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