Focusing meets Nonviolent Communication-NVC

Resolving Conflicts through Skillful Communication

Fruitful communication starts with owning our feelings when challenging situations present themselves to us. This means to go beyond right and wrong, to stop pointing fingers, at others in blame, or at ourselves causing shame. Instead, can we become interested in how differently each of us perceives what’s happening? Can we become interested in how each of us feels about it?
So, let’s get curious.

When this open and curious atmosphere has been established, this can enable us to more clearly recognize needs and wishes, our own and those of the other party involved. As we learn to truly listen to one another, unseen pathways toward resolving a conflict can be found.

But there is yet another step: How can we empathically, honestly, and self-responsibly communicate with one another so that we feel inspired to meet each other’s needs?
NVC and Focusing combined offer a beautiful ground for exploring how to refine these delicate listening and communication skills.

This workshop provides a space to explore the following:

We will benefit from useful shortcuts as used in NVC to identify what feelings we are experiencing and what needs are present. Explicitly recognizing our feelings, needs, and wishes can be very eye-opening and breath-opening.

We will benefit from learning the art of aimless inner listening into what’s initially vague and fuzzy, as practiced in Focusing…a way of freshly being with a felt experience for which we may not have words (yet).

The International Focusing Institute
When: August 4, 11, 18, 25, 2021 at 11:00am – 1:15pm Eastern time
Where: Online Zoom meeting
Cost: $75 to $175 sliding scale
Register: Registration through TIFI (The International Focusing Institute)