Chicago March 2019 – with Amona Buechler


March 2019 at the IMU Chicago


Learning to Learn – Embodied Wisdom
Awareness Through Movement – Feldenkrais Workshop

Saturday 03.09 – 11:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday 03.16 – 11:00am to 6:00pm

You will explore your mobility, stability, balance and overall well-being through gently guided movement sequences.
In this workshop the emphasis will be on enabling you to understand principles of the Feldenkrais Method, to then take those tools of learning into your everyday life and apply them to anything you are interested in learning. You can develop your own unique strategies of expanding beyond your habitual limitations towards fully living your potential.

In this workshop you will:

Benefits are always surprising, different for every participant and may affect your physical abilities, clarity of thinking, emotional balance, creativity & spontaneity, simply, your overall life experience.

I would highly encourage you to join both interrelated workshops, Saturday March 9 & 16. This suggestion is reflected in the price-structure. Join both, save lots.

This workshop is for all levels and all ages. For more information about Awareness Through Movement lessons, please browse the home page of my web site click here

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From Self-Respect to Healthy Relationships
Focusing – A Pathway from judgement toward compassionate noticing

Saturday 03.23 11:00am to 6:00pm – open for all
Sunday 03.24 12:00pm to 6:30pm – you attended yesterday/you have Focusing experience

It all starts with a healthy and loving relationship with yourself. In Focusing you tap into the language of your body and thereby recognize the needs of your inner being. You give, whatever may show itself, space, acknowledgement, and your full embodied attention and care. That is where “miracles” happen. Some wisdom inside you, maybe bigger than you, knows all along what is needed in any given moment. You realize that you just had not yet understood, and maybe not even tried to listen to your embodied callings.

As much as you will practice to listen into yourself, you will also practice to be a companion to other participants, listening to them. As you keep switching roles, in can’t possibly become more obvious to you, that:

The relationship that I have with anybody else in my life is a reflection of the relationship that I have with myself.

You learn how to compassionately befriend the inner and outer “enemy”, and to be with yourself and others in a way that facilitates clarity, a natural flow of energy, and a consciously experienced beauty and appreciation.

I would highly encourage you to join both interrelated workshop-days: Sat, 03.23 & Sun 03.24. Your full commitment is enriching and rewarded in the price-structure. Join both, save lots.
The workshop on Saturday, March 23 is open for all. The workshop on Sunday, March 24 is for you if you joined the Saturday workshop or if you have prior Focusing experience.

For more information about the Focusing Method developed by Eugene Gendlin, please click here

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Read my article about Focusing here:
May 2018 interviewed by Clare LaPlante



Held at Inner Metamorphosis University in East Rogers Park,
1418 W Howard Street, Chicago, IL 60626
In the back of TJam Kitchen Restaurant


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Chicago, IL 60626


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INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS with Amona Buechler:


Functional Integration
Feldenkrais Hands-On Sessions

The Feldenkrais Method® uses physical exploration as a tool to develop awareness and to learn how to learn, so that we might live more fully, at ease, and with a greater freedom of choice, as well as improving movement and coordination. Read more
1-3 FI $70 each, 4 or more FIs $65 each
Contact me to schedule the sessions, then: Book here


Focusing – An Individual Process
Verbally Guided Bodily Listening

Coming unstuck in what we perceive to be our problems. A guided felt-sense journey allows for shifts  in perception and deeper insights than our thinking mind and our emotional reactions can possibly offer us. Read more
One session usually lasts about an hour, your first session may last up to 1.5 hours. Special offer in 2018: $50 per session.
Contact me to schedule the sessions, then: Book here


ARUN Conscious Touch
Receiving Healing Touch Consciously

Simply relax and re-charge. A wonderfully pleasant, relaxing, balancing, and re-energizing hands on technique, including a variety of approaches, neutral “listening” touches, shaking & rocking, dynamic or held deep pressures, stretches, breath-touches, and strokes. Read more
One session lasts 1 hour or 1.5 hours depending on your choice.
$70 per each 1 hour session, $85 per each 1.5 hour session.
DISCOUNT: Book four or more sessions ahead, save $5 to $10 each session.
Contact me to schedule the sessions, then: Book here


Open Session
Ready for the adventure?

An open session can be very precious,  as it allows a spontaneous unplanned development of the session, thereby allowing for greater intelligence than any single modality can provide.
Read more
One session lasts 1 to 1.5 hours.
$70 per each session.
DISCOUNT: Book three sessions ahead, save $5 each session.
Contact me to schedule the sessions, then: Book here



All modalities that I offer complement each other. If you are curious to experience all three before deciding which one fits best for your current needs, take advantage of the special THREE-MODALITY-DISCOUNT-PACKAGE

Book one of each for a total of $160 and SAVE $30 (Regular value $190)

Contact me to schedule the sessions, then: Book here

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