Feldenkrais in Kaohsiung, Taiwan – Jan 12 & 13 2019

Awareness Through Movement® Workshop
Intelligent Feet – Elegant Action

Language: Taught in English, translated to Mandarin by Abelina Chien click here

At this moment, we are in a generation that is fast and changing. Sometimes, you really need to actively press the pause button for yourself to keep time for yourself: reconnect, re-observe, re-imagine…

By refining sensory awareness during guided movement explorations, combined with imagery practices to enhance the accuracy of your self-image, you will discover a graceful quality in your actions, accompanied by a more direct, clear and fulfilling perception of yourself.

Your feet carry your whole self, they are your base.
As you learn to use them beautifully, and as you clarify your feet’s relationship to your legs, knees, hip joints and pelvis, you will find increasing comfort, you improve your balance and coordination, and you may experience yourself both more grounded as well as pleasantly light.

These gentle and attentive verbally guided practices follow sophisticated neurological principles for optimal learning; they are effective and interesting. You will find yourself surprised in how they positively affect your well-being from the tip of your toes to the top of your head.

Movement lessons offered involve the whole body, and will help anyone in many surprising ways and beyond the highlighted topic.

No matter how old you are, welcome to the world of this well-known education for physical, emotional and mental integration – Feldenkrais Method®

I invite you to participate and discover more about yourself during your own exciting journey.


Awareness Through Movement® Workshop – Intelligent Feet – Elegant Action
Date & Time: Jan. 12 (Sat.), 2019 13:30 pm — 18:30 pm
Cost: NT$3,500 (5 hours, limited 14 students)
Location: Feldenkrais Studio in Fengshan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, near Dadong MRT Station

Functional Integration® sessions available:
The session is about 1 hour, and you need to pre-arrange the time.
Date: January 13th, 2019 (Sunday)
Cost: NT$2,500
Location : Feldenkrais Studio in Fengshan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, near Dadong MRT Station

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