Professional Focusing Training – Online

Deepen your Focusing Skills – Become a Focusing Professional/Trainer

Leading to Certification with the International Focusing Institute

This training is for you if you want to refine and deepen your Focusing, listening, and teaching skills in order to share Focusing professionally, both to individuals and to groups. You are equally welcome if you simply want to enhance your Focusing Partnerships and enrich and beautify your daily living.

I will provide supportive conditions and a safe framework for you to explore Focusing areas that you are drawn to and feel passionate about. This will awaken your creativity to find your own style and niche. I offer my teaching to a small group of trainees so that I can optimally accompany each one in their own unique process.

Personal & Professional Competencies that you will take from this Training


The mentoring sessions and classes with me add up to 172 hours, taking place over a 2-year period. In addition, plan about half a day per week for everything listed under “Self-Directed Learning”, which may take longer than two years. I recommend that trainees complete the training within two to three years.

If you would like to attend only the first year to learn how to offer Focusing to individuals, please ask. If you have already trained with another Coordinator to offer Focusing one-on-one and would like to attend the second year of my training to learn how to teach Focusing to groups, please ask.


The Training Content – Years One & Two

This training consists of online classes with instructional material, supervised practice, and your self-chosen topics and projects. The combination of a scheduled training structure and self-directed learning allows you to craft a training that best fits your learning style and your life situation.

Online Classes

During the classes, you will share your learning-journey with other trainees. Basic topics include the following: Revisiting Focusing basics, learning to accompany and guide those new to Focusing, learning how to teach Focusing to groups, and understanding practical aspects of working professionally such as finding words for advertising, insurance, accepting or referring clients… As the trainees grow in experience, the class content will increasingly be shaped according to their interests and input.

Training tools will include the following: Study materials, reading assignments, partner and group practices, discussions… Trainees will demonstrate and bring a recorded sample of working with people one-to-one in Focusing sessions and of teaching groups. Each participant will receive peer feedback and supervision support.

Sessions with me / Mentoring

In these sessions, you will have the opportunity to share your experiences and progress and to sense for directions forward in what feels challenging. You can bring questions and issues for discussion, or ask for emotional support. You can ask for Focusing time or to receive feedback or information.

Self-Directed Learning

Outside the scheduled classes, you will set your own pace for your Focusing Partnership practices, your peer support meetings, your practice sessions with clients, your research and reading, your chosen theoretical and practical Focusing project, and your development and teaching of Focusing courses.

Optional Learning

I encourage students to get involved in the international Focusing community by joining workshops, gatherings, and various Focusing partnerships. I am happy to review any journaling or creative work that comes from trainees’ research and meetings with fellow Focusers.

The Training Schedule – Years One & Two

I will discuss class times and days with all four trainees to make it work for everyone. Participation in the classes is required, but if an aspect of the training does not fit or isn’t possible for you, we can find other options together.

Online Classes

Revisit the Focusing Skills Course Level 1-5: 20 classes @ 3h, followed by 20 x ½ h with trainees.

Each year, fourteen class meetings @ 3h, scheduled as follows:

Class meetings add up to a total of 154 hours.

Online Sessions

Sessions add up to a total of 18 hours, more can be booked.

Your Self-Directed Learning

Plan about half a day per week.


Certification allows you to introduce and guide people who are new to Focusing one-to-one, and to teach Focusing to groups. You are eligible for certification by the International Focusing Institute when you have met all training requirements and when you and me, your mentor/Certifying Coordinator in Training, feel that you are ready to offer Focusing the way you want to. You can then call yourself a Certified Focusing Professional or Trainer. You will be eligible to offer the TIFI ‘Proficiency in Focusing Partnership Award’ to students of your Focusing Courses.

How to Join my Training

My Upcoming Training

My current training has begun Sunday, February 18, 2024.
The second year of the training (Focusing Teacher Training) will be held from February 18, 2025, to February 18, 2026
Training times allow those in America and Europe to join.


The full training consists of 172 hours with me as your mentor plus your supervised self-directed learning, which is the larger part of the training. The cost of the two-year training is:
€3.880 / $4,238
€1.940 / $2,119 per year
plus, the cost of one workshop with another teacher.
If you want to apply for certification, there is a fee by TIFI.

Pay a fee of €500 / $550 four times per year, quarterly, or pay the discounted annual fee in a lump sum.

Additional costs: Any additional sessions you may wish to book with me and/or a supporting mentor (fee as you arrange with them), and workshops with other teachers (one workshop is required in the second year).

If you want to apply for certification, the TIFI certification fee is currently $375.

What is the first step?

If you think you might be interested, here is the next step:
If you would like, schedule a free 20-minute informal meeting with me to address your questions.
Schedule a 1-hour Focusing session, the fee is offset against the training fee if you decide to join (required).
Register here €70       1-hour session
 here $75        1-hour session

How to Sign Up

Pay a non-refundable registration fee of €50/$50. Please pay the remaining balance, at the latest, one month before the start of the training. If you cancel within the last month before the training, your payment will be refunded minus a €50/$50 processing fee if someone else takes your place.

Sign up paying Euros here

Sign up paying US-$ here

Please contact me for more information and to schedule a free 20-minute informational meeting.

Download this page as PDF file It contains a visual schedule-overview.

I am a Certifying Coordinator in Training. My Mentor is Fiona Parr (England), and my Supporting Mentors are Ria van Hage (Holland) and Beth Mahler (United States).

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