I am currently mostly in Germany (Leipzig). I am also available for online sessions throughout the year and do offer online courses. Most of my live courses currently take place in Germany.
The language of each LIVE course is indicated below.



August 3 to 21, Russia, Moscow
Professional Feldenkrais Training. Year 3
Assisting  Thomas Farnbacher

September 11 to 19, 2022 Germany, Bavaria (GER)
Relaxed in Your (Professional) Life (Focusing & Feldenkrais)


Oct 30 to Nov 11, 2022 Germany, Island Langeoog (GER)
Finding one’s breath, slowing down, handling conflicts

Nov 06 to Nov 11, 2022 Germany, north-sea coast (GER)
Relaxed in Your (Professional) Life (Focusing & Feldenkrais)


Preview 2023

April 5 to 10 2023 Germany, near Bonn (DE)
Coming Home to Yourself (Focusing & Authentic Movement)
5-Day Retreat facilitated together with my sister


May 07 to 12, 2023 Germany, north-sea coast (GER)
Good Vision – Relaxed Posture (Feldenkrais & Focusing)


May 21 to 25 2023 Germany, north-sea coast (GER)
A Fit Body – A Clear Mind (Focusing, Feldenkrais plus…)

Sep 17 to 22, 2023 Germany, north-sea coast (GER)
Find your breath, slow down, handle conflicts

Sep 24 to 29, 2023 Germany, north-sea coast (GER)
Relaxed in Your (Professional) Life (Focusing & Feldenkrais)


Oct 16 to 29, 2023 Germany, near Lübeck/Baltic Sea (GER)
Learn healing-touch: Regulate the nervous system & strengthen resilience
Co-Facilitated with my sister



Focusing meets Nonviolent Communication
Four-hour to two-day workshops for groups of 4 to 12
Find your own group and contact me


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