With thirty years of experience with inner work, I have explored and experienced countless approaches. Out of all those, here are the modalities that I offer to you.

Is a process of felt-sensing with verbal expression, along with a listening partner, who offers reflections.  As you attend to what you perceive to be a problem, this process allows for body shifts, transformations of your inner energy field, and shifts in perception. Deeper insights emerge than your thinking mind can offer. Read more »

Systemic Constellation
The constellation work is unique for addressing confusions and entanglements that originate in a larger context. None of our experiences are isolated phenomena, they are part of complex systems. Viewing your experiences as part of the dynamics of a larger context supports you in unlocking your unique potential. Read more »

The Feldenkrais Method® is a movement-based somatic learning process for developing awareness, through which our actions become more skillful and elegant. As you learn how to learn, it lets you claim your authority by giving you freedom of choice. It invites you to claim your dignity and realize your potential. Read more »

Conscious Touch
Relax and recharge. A wonderfully pleasant, balancing, and energizing hands-on technique. It uses a variety of touches, neutral “listening”, shaking & rocking, deep pressures, stretches… This is my only offering where – rather than inviting you to a learning process – I simply invite you to relax and receive. Read more »


I do not currently offer meditations, but I may again in the future. Meditative spaces are an important aspect of my life. Open awareness silent sitting meditation as well as active meditations can be a profound let-go process, like coming home. A deep practice can totally change our perspective on life. Read more »