Nervous System Reset

relaxed – connected – creative

You might be very familiar with a habitual background atmosphere of restlessness, anxiousness, agitation, or something like that.

At times when this happens, you might know that this inner activation is counter-productive and out of place somehow, but how to find your way to a more relaxed, easy-going state of being?

After accidents, certain neurological illnesses, or challenging emotional incidences, the autonomic nervous system can get stuck in repetitive patterns that challenge our health, well-being, sense of connection, and creative potential.

We can reprogram the autonomic nervous system and brain, and with that our physical and emotional responses. This requires knowledge of how to stimulate the nervous system, as well as finding a way for dedicating regular time to this reprogramming process in our everyday lives.

How does this workshop support you in doing so?

Each class consists of different elements that will allow you to both learn neuro regulating exercises (NRE), and jump-start you in making them part of your daily life. NR-exercises are extremely simple and gentle once mastered, and three months is a good time frame for letting go of unwanted habits and establishing new ones.

Awareness Through Movement lessons based on the Feldenkrais Method will support, making NR-exercises easy and effective.

Theoretical discourses will offer you a basic understanding of why we do what we do.

And finally felt sensing, the Focusing way,  you will attend to any felt obstacles on your path and while respecting them, you will identify your next doable steps, with intention, clear direction, following your vision.

Use these practices for your well-being or become able to better support your (Focusing) clients who might face these challenges.

The format:


Elements in this workshop:

ALL Welcome. No prior experience is needed, but if you have no experience with Focusing, some one-on-one sessions prior to the course will be beneficial.


December 2022, January & February 2023
Weekly 2.5 hours, plus your own daily practice, and buddy-time

Please express your interest.
Late summer/fall of 2022, I will seek to find the best schedule for all who have expressed interest.

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Fee: Will be posted this summer