I am available for online one-on-one sessions throughout the year, and I do offer in-person events.
The language of each ONLINE course is marked below.


Focusing Level 1 – 5 online (ENG)
February 21 to September 05, 2022, Mondays
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Nervous System Reset (ENG)
relaxed – connected – creative
Dec 2022, Jan & Feb 2023, weekly
Focusing, Feldenkrais, Neuro Regulating Exercises


優良澄心夥伴獎 初階課程 L 1-5 線上 (CHI/ENG)
Focusing for PFP-Award
2022 – Tuesdays, dates not finalized
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Please ask if you are interested in:
Focusing meets Nonviolent Communication (ENG/GER)

Four-hour to two-day workshops for groups of 4 to 12


Envisioned in 2022:
4-week series, neuro-regulating exercises
based on the findings of the Polyvagal Theory
Contact me to be notified about the starting date




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