I offer Online Focusing Sessions, verbally guided Feldenkrais Sessions as well as online-courses.

Focusing – Online

Using Zoom, the meeting is almost as if we were to share the same room.
The total time-frame is typically one hour, during which the actual Focusing Session takes about 30 to 45 min. This leaves 15 to 30 minutes for us to clarify the content of your sessions, and for us to address any questions, curiosities, or insights you may want to share.

What is Focusing?
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How the Online Session works:
The meeting takes place seated, facing the camera and microphone, and proceeds just the same way as it would when sharing the same space. You need a Mac or PC, or a cell phone.
When using a laptop, you open the link which I email to you shortly before the scheduled meeting begins, and you simply follow the prompts. When using a cell phone, you would download the Zoom App prior to our meeting. You also need a strong enough internet connection to allow for a video-call, but typically WiFi is good enough. It is best to have a headset at hand, as the inbuilt microphone may not be strong enough to allow for a relaxed, quiet conversation.
Also, please ensure that you create a comfortable, undisturbed environment for yourself, to not get interrupted in your inner listening. Optimally, plan some alone-time after the session, as you may encounter vulnerable spaces that want your undivided attention past the session.


Focusing Sessions
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Feldenkrais Method – Online

The format, which I choose in order to offer individual sessions online, is similar to the group class format called Awareness Through Movement. But as offered by me online, it is just for you alone and the lesson chosen/created is according to your wishes and needs.

What You Get:

Here is How it Works:

Online Feldenkrais Sessions
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Please ask for my pre-recorded Awareness Through Movement audio series.


Online Courses