Open Session

An open session is an adventure for me as a facilitator as much as it is for you as a student.

Without planning ahead, we just see what it is that you most want as we come together.
As we enter the process, I will initiate a journey based on what I feel can be received and used by you at this moment in time.

Besides the methods that I primarily offer: Feldenkrais, Focusing, and (Arun) Conscious Touch, I myself have been on the inner path of self-exploration for thirty years, and have experienced innumerable approaches. Most of them have enriched my life, and have allowed me to grow beyond many boundaries and misunderstandings. There will be much more to come.

Your request may call for a specific approach, or it is best for me to follow an intuitive, unpredictable flow while accompanying your journey.
An open session can be very precious as it allows for spontaneous, unplanned development, thereby allowing for greater intelligence than any single modality can provide.

After many years of experience, I finally trust the depth of  “my” understanding enough to allow for such an unplanned journey – not only with myself but also when leading other people.

In addition to the approaches described on this website, the sessions may include breathing exercises, neuro-regulation (polyvagal theory), conscious hypnosis, meditation, cathartic expression, and much more.


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