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Coming Up:

Focusing Level 4-5 Online Course
PREREQUISITE: Focusing Level 1 to 3
More about the course (ENG)


Between Focusing & Meditation
Three 2-hour meetings in April 2023
Please express your interest


3-month Nervous System Reset Course 
relaxed – connected – creative
Nov 1, 2023 to March 20, 2024 (ENG)
Focusing, Feldenkrais, Neuro Regulating Exercises


The next 6-month Focusing Level 1-5 Online Course will begin November 2023
More about the course (ENG)
Please express your interest here


This course is in progress:

6-month course: Focusing Level 1 – 5 online (ENG)
Mondays: January 9 to July 10, 2023
 Read more here


This course begins when enough have expressed their interest:

優良澄心夥伴獎 初階課程 L 1-5 線上 (CHI/ENG)

Focusing for PFP-Award
2023 – dates not finalized
Website or Facebook


Please ask if you are interested in:

Focusing meets Nonviolent Communication (ENG/GER)

Four-hour to two-day workshops for groups of 4 to 12