Retreat Italy June 16 to 20 2019 more

Coming Home to Yourself

Authentic Movement and the Focusing Method 

Enriched by elements of Somatic Experiencing® & the Feldenkrais Method®

with Amona Buechler and Uta Buechler


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Focusing: Accesses the body’s wisdom for transforming inner conflict

Accompanied by a listener, we are deeply present to what happens inside of ourselves, such as sensations, emotions, images, words, gestures, and atmospheres. Occasionally we express our inner experiences to the listener. While both Focuser and listener hold the space for everything that arises with a friendly, accepting, and compassionate attitude, this process becomes an incredibly powerful catalyst for acceptance, insight, and change.

Authentic Movement: Lets us develop trust in our innermost, unknown, and surprising impulses

Sensing attentively into the impulses of our body, we allow them to freely express themselves in movement, stillness, or voice, naturally, unmanipulated and without music or a theme. Another person witnesses us in an open-hearted way and is available for non-judgmental verbal exchange afterwards. Body and mind can let go of resistance and deeply relax with what is there. We develop a compassionate inner witness and come in touch with deeply meaningful and surprising aspects of ourselves, of others, and that which lies beyond our personal stories.

Feldenkrais®: Provides refined tools to discover and free ourselves from long-held muscular tensions

Through slow-guided movement explorations we develop awareness of body and mind. Rather than teaching skills, this approach offers guidance for self-discovery, and for a learning that is unique to each participant. As our sensory self-perception grows, we recognize habits, access new possibilities, and thereby improve our quality of movement and coordination. We increasingly attain a greater freedom of choice, and develop an inner authority about well-balanced and spontaneous action in our daily lives.

Somatic Experiencing®: Helps transform blocked energy into aliveness and ease

Through profound neurological understanding and a very specific way of sensing the body, SE helps to release trauma, as well as everyday stress. At times we are overwhelmed, don’t feel at home in our bodies, feel numb, or are in a purely functioning mode. Here, SE provides the tools for releasing these old patterns of automatic reactions. We come in touch with our inner resources, develop healthy boundaries, and respond to other people and to life more openly and creatively again.

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Euro 830 up to Euro 990 sliding scale. Please decide based on your financial situation.

Down Payment: Euro 400 to register.

Attention: First come first serve. Register early to have the choice of your room. Click here for pictures

Final Payment: Full payment due on April 16. 2019 together with your completed registration form.

How to Pay:
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Within Germany (Europe):

Überweisung (Online transferal) to:
Mona Büchler
Account Number: 647581114
BLZ: 10010010
IBAN: DE74100100100647581114


Wireless transfer: We recommend TransferWise for you to save fees & for better currency exchange rates compared to common bank charges.
You will need above banking info as well as my personal address: Ahornstrasse 32 in 12163 Berlin, Germany

Credit Card Payment or PayPal to PayPal transfer:

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Cancellation & Refund: If you have to cancel for any reason and request a refund in writing anytime more than sixty (60) days prior to the retreat start date, your deposit will be refunded, less a Euro 100 handling fee.  If you cancel sixty (60) days or less prior to the retreat start date, all deposits and payments are non-refundable; although, after consulting with the facilitators, you may transfer your reservation to another person. The person to replace you needs to be approved by one of the facilitators.

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Arrival is on Saturday June 15th from 3:00pm and departure is on Thursday 20th around 5:00 pm. In case you would like to stay an additional night after the retreat, please let us know.

Flights To:

Bologna BLQ – Reasonable flights available, also international

Ancona AOI – Flights are often more expensive, but the airport is closer to the final destination

Transfers from the Airport/Fano to the Final Destination:

From Bologna BLQ Airport to Sorbolongo:

From Ancona AOI Airport to Sorbolongo:

From Fano Train Station to Sorbolongo:

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