5-Day Retreat in Italy, June 16. to 20. 2019

Coming Home to Yourself

Authentic Movement and the Focusing Method 

Enriched by elements of Somatic Experiencing® & the Feldenkrais Method®

with Amona Buechler Uta Buechler



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This Retreat

is for anyone looking for gentle, yet profoundly transformative ways of relaxing with themselves and for opening into the lively adventure of not-knowing.
When we live from these qualities, we feel creative, joyfully alive, deeply still, and at peace with life’s ever-changing inner and outer circumstances.

Focusing and  Authentic Movement
enriched by dance, and elements of  Somatic Experiencing® and the Feldenkrais Method®, will be our pathways of coming home to ourselves.
Each of these approaches in its own unique way will support us in deepening our capacity of sensing, feeling, and for trusting our intuition. They will also help us to express ourselves in more warm, free, and honest ways. Through unstructured dance, our soft and wild vital energies can express themselves spontaneously and freely.
This retreat will be held in the stunning beauty of the Adriatic Italian countryside.

What You Will Take with You from This Retreat

In guided explorations, you will – at your own pace – come into a more direct and loving contact with yourself and others. Your inner sensitivity and resilience will grow. You will explore and move beyond the hindrances that keep you from living with a quality of playfulness, ease, and a trust in life.

Without having to perfect yourself, you can find an inner state where you can be aware of the preciousness of each moment, no matter if pleasant or painful. You can feel alive and at home in every cell of your body.

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We are Sisters

Originally from Germany, we have lived in various countries.  We have both found a passion for accompanying people on their journeys to full aliveness. Since our methods complement each other really well, we began offering workshops together 20 years ago, in the US and in Germany.
With a deep sense of gratitude for serendipity, we are happy to offer this retreat, combining our many years of experience and expertise.

Uta Büchler
Body and movement therapist, a teacher for Authentic Movement, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®,  Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner, Occupational Therapist, Dancer, and certified Person-Centered Coach. Facilitates workshops since 1990, individual sessions since 2000.

Amona Büchler
Feldenkrais Practitioner® and Assistant Trainer®, ARUN Conscious Touch Practitioner, certified Focusing Practitioner, and meditation facilitator. Facilitates workshops and individual sessions since 1998. https://move-with-life.org/about-amona-buechler/

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Dates & Times


English (translation into German when needed)


Breakfast, lunch, and three dinners will be prepared by locals who know the freshest sources of fruits and vegetables. Meals will be diverse, and wholesome to support your inner process. If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know when making the retreat reservation.

Location & Lodging

Retreat location: Near Sorbolongo, Sant’Ippolito, Marche, Italy. Click here for directions

Lodging is in two beautiful historic stone houses in the midst of nature, terraces, and gardens, and complete with a swimming pool. This wonderfully relaxing environment offers a perfect setting for your inner process.


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Three evenings and one half-day are free for exploring the beautiful surroundings, ancient cities and villages, a water-filled canyon, hiking trails, and the Mediterranean Sea. And of course, you can enjoy the delicious Italian cuisine.

Nearby cities are: Fano, Urbino, Pesaro, Ancona


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Nearest airports are: Bologna BLQ and Ancona AOI. Nearest train station is Fano.

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