Systemic Constellation


In a Systemic Constellation space is given to your deeper life questions, the possibility for personal development and the unfolding of your potential arises.

Constellation work is unique in that it can resolve confusions and entanglements that originate in a larger context, in the dynamics and relationships within an entire system.


What is the work of Systemic Constellation?

In family- and social systems, there is a certain order in which each person has his or her own place. However, when significant, challenging (historical) events happen and when triggered feelings remain unprocessed, these places or roles can sometimes get mixed up.

Then, for example, someone takes over tasks that are the responsibility of someone else. Also, thoughts and feelings of others can be taken over. In other words, the natural order of the system is somehow disturbed.

Such situations manifest themselves in the individual as emotional stress or blockage of action – standing in one’s own way – illness, and many other symptoms. In families, they show up as characteristic themes that run like a red ribbon through many generations.

Besides the classical Family Constellation, many other systems can be looked at, e.g. business relationships or organizations, partnerships, projects… also processes of decision-making, wanting to achieve certain goals or the completion of one phase of life and initiation of a new one.

Ultimately, in the process of Systemic Constellations, we always work with the specific concern of the person who wants change.


What happens in a Constellation?

Together we clarify your current concern and your interest. For example, if there is something that repeatedly burdens or confuses you, what do you desire?
As soon as your longing or interest becomes clear, we work with it throughout the constellation. Stuck things begin to move, and previously unimagined paths toward solutions reveal themselves.

When you work with me in individual session Constellations, you place the representatives of the chosen system yourself and feel into the perspectives of the different representatives. In the positioning of the figures –  or the virtual figures in a 3-D online system board –  you follow an inner image or an inner sense, a feeling.
In the course of the process, the constellation changes spatially, and thus you can perceive distinct physical, emotional, and cognitive effects. Based on these perceptible effects, I offer intervention proposals, and the observation of their effect guides me in how to proceed.
With this inner change-process gradually, new information, perspectives, and solutions gradually emerge, and the final image of the constellation is often surprising, eye-opening, and refreshing, and becomes a resource for action.

Here are some possible, specific benefits


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More about Systemic Constellations

With the help of representatives, the members of a system are set up.

The constellation that emerges makes the network of relationships and the previously hidden influence that the members have on each other spatially visible. Representatives are being asked what their inner sense is in their place. With very little or no information about the system, representatives feel themselves surprisingly authentically into the position.

As the process unfolds, gradually it becomes clear where there has been confusion, entanglement, or an assumption of responsibility. What shows itself is appreciated exactly as it is. In addition, the facilitator suggests an intervention, which often has a noticeable liberating effect.

When a natural order of a system gradually re-establishes itself in this way, several people in the system experience this as a great relief, often as calmness, joyfulness, a sense of connectedness, and a sense of having finally arrived at one’s place.

This new configuration, the solution picture, is a signpost for your next step, and it opens access to your inner source of strength. Paths toward solutions show themselves, and new ways of acting become possible. Each effect on the individual opens up the possibility for the entire system to function more organically and with more ease and creativity.

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