Weekend Workshop in Taipei
August 4 & 5 10:00am to 6:00pm

Essential Living Web Site – Mandarin – 建立健康的界線 – 費登奎斯方法X自覺

A healthy boundary – Learning to say NO is living a YES
(This workshop will be held in English with Mandarin Translation)

Being authentic takes courage and practice. Once we learn the “how”, we come into a big YES with life. Gratefulness arises within us about all the beauty, possibilities and freshness of life itself.How can we acknowledge and live our own uniqueness, that what is important and maybe even essential to us, while also respecting and considering the uniqueness of everybody surrounding us? 

Wanting to fit into our environment is a natural desire that lives in all of us. Saying NO to what is expected of use may feel challenging or even impossible.

There is a way of saying NO however, which also contains a quality of YES. It comes out of a state of being, in which we are able to honestly experience and openly express our needs and wishes, while at the same time staying in tune with the oftentimes contradicting needs and wishes of those surrounding us.

In this workshop – as we bring the attention to the interrelatedness of body, mind and emotion, as well as to our self-image, and how we would want to be seen by others and by ourselves – we grow the capacity to authentically live our uniqueness. The practices will be gentle and subtle, yet very effective and powerful.

By bringing awareness to yourself, in the ways the Feldenkrais Method® has to offer, you will bring forth the bodily experience and capacity of using your strength, of moving forward, as well as of setting boundaries.

In the Focusing Method, as a “Focuser”, you practice to openly express what feels right to you. When you are the Focuser’s companion, the listener, you will learn to listen to your partner deeply, and without interpretation or judgment. With the Focusing practice you will come in touch with a deeper knowing inside, which arises out of a so-called inner Felt Sense. The process supports both capacities, to be in deep presence and acceptance with what is, as well as to generate change where needed or desired.

After the workshop, you may simply carry the newly found awareness into your daily living, or you may want to continue the practice with friends. You will have learned all the basic tools to choose either path.

Workshop held at Essential Living Center Taipei:
Essential Living Web Site – Mandarin – 建立健康的界線 – 費登奎斯方法X自覺



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