~ Nasya Mancera,
Nasya Mancera, Student, Chicago Pilson, retired teacher, (Feb 04, 2019)


“The Feldenkrais…the first therapy in years that has yielded such great pain free, yet functional, results in such a short timeframe.”

~ Jennifer Johnston,
Accountant & Meditation Teacher in Chicago, (May 30, 2018)


“The two sessions we had this summer have continued to be helpful. I really notice a difference in my body when I think of lengthening my spine in the ways we worked.”

~ Marta Lettofski,
Performance and Creativity Coach in Chicago, (October 3, 2017)


Amona’s expert guidance in the Feldenkrais Method gives you a pathway to listening to and ultimately trusting your own body. She gives precise, empathetic and deeply knowledgeable instruction in various gentle movements that allow you to place your body in its own alignment and comfort zone. In essence, you practice self-trust.  And the results can be quite profound.  I came to one of her sessions with severe neck pain of several months’ duration. When I left a short time later, after a class featuring incremental, organic, and self-aware movement, the pain was completely gone. As an added bonus, this teaching stayed with me in other ways as well; for example, my long-term yoga practice became more fluid and precise–more joyful.

~ Clare La Plante,
Writer for Magazines, fellow meditator in Chicago, (August 23, 2016)


“I recommend Amona Buechler as a Feldenkrais Teacher/Practitioner to anyone.
As a teacher of the Method, she is competent, creative, personal, humble, thoughtful, and effective.

As a “training practitioner” – someone who can give high quality Functional Integration lessons to students in a teacher training program – I also recommend Ms. Buechler without reservation. Her lessons are appropriate to the needs of each student and they serve well as models of what new Feldenkrais Teacher needs to know and how a new teacher should conduct themselves in practice. Ms. Buechler has always worked to support the students’ personal needs, their education as teachers, and the program’s educational plan. I will miss her work with our students in our Chicago training programs. I am very glad that she is planning to contribute to our program in Taiwan.

For anyone looking for a substitute to cover a Feldenkrais practice while away from home for work or vacation, Ms. Buechler would be a good choice. She is a very ethical and honest person who would not only give good work, but who would support your relationship with your clients.

Please do not hesitate to be in touch with me directly if you have questions about Ms. Buechler. It would be my pleasure to lend my support. You may contact me at:,”

~ Paul Rubin,
Educational Director & 
Institute for the Study of Somatic Education (ISSE) (March 16, 2015)


“In May 2012 Amona Buechler joined a monthly Feldenkrais Method® Mentoring group I teach in Chicago. The focus and aim of that mentoring class is to improve the skills and knowledge necessary for Functional Integration® lessons. I watched Amona’s understanding and skills blossom over almost three years of her attendance. She shows great interest and sensitivity when applying my guidance as well as when working with her classmates. Amona demonstrates her creativity by adapting the instructions to the individual needs of her own clients or by asking perceptive questions. Again and again Amona demonstrated that she is well trained and skilled in The Feldenkrais Method®. She is leaving Chicago to embark on a path of independent study and travel. I am confident that her ongoing journey will enhance her knowledge of the Feldenkrais Method®.”

~Ellen Soloway,
Assistant Trainer in the Feldenkrais Method® – Editor of all eleven volumes Alexander Yanai Awareness Through Movement Lessons of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais  (January 14, 2015)


Amona has been my Feldenkrais Teacher for 2.5 or 3 years. She is very resourceful, patient and mindful. With even one new student she takes the time to explain the Feldenkrais Philosophy – an “elementary” lesson that I benefit from each time. But the most important trait that Amona gifts her students with, is a generosity of spirit in every class.

~Jan Boudart,
Student, Chicago Rogers Park, (February 2015)


I have been taking Feldenkrais classes with Amona for about two and a half years.  In that time I have learned to listen and focus to her instructions for each movement. She uses a calm and soothing voice which allows me to focus on the instructions.  She teaches with lightheartedness when the movement is not how it is expected the student (me) doesn’t feel self-conscious because I am doing something wrong. I’ve learned to be introspective and ask/feel what is happening as I follow the lesson, instead of worrying about doing it the right way.  After a lesson I feel really great because I’ve learned to move in some new ways.

~Nasya Mancera,
~Nasya Mancera, Student, Chicago Pilson (February 2015)