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Feldenkrais Testimonials

“I went skiing last week, and I think our sessions had an amazing impact on my ability. I hadn’t been skiing in at least 15 years and was unsure about how I would hold up. Instead, I skied better than I ever have, and I immediately locked into fast and easy skiing. I could tell my hips were way more flexible and buoyant and I felt like I was flying high for two days. Then the third day, the snow was very icy, and I lost my groove, and I could tell my right hip was tightening more and more. So interesting to observe. If our family goes skiing again I sure hope to have some sessions with you!”

~ Marta Lettovski
IFS Practitioner, Life Coach, Pianist, Performance and Creativity Coach, (April 13, 2019)


“The Feldenkrais…the first therapy in years that has yielded such great pain-free, yet functional, results in such a short timeframe.”

~ Jennifer Johnston
Accountant & Meditation Teacher in Chicago, (May 30, 2018)


“My interest in Feldenkrais has grown since I worked with Amona here in Chicago. I have continued with ATM lessons by Bruce Holmes audio files and also bought a “Bones for Life” download by Ruthy Alon, a 5-day course/workshop that she conducted in New York last year. I feel so much better and have been amazed by my improvement in such a short time.

I was in pain for such a long time that I didn’t realize how my brain had “retreated” to very limited, asymmetric and dysfunctional patterns. Awareness was the key and Amona’s clever and sensitive way of working with me was a turning point in realizing how I could approach my problems.

Motivated by her teachings I now want to learn more and I have an opportunity to apply for a Professional Feldenkrais Training Program in Santa Fe that starts in May 14 2018…”

~ Sari Maxfield
Licensed PT in Sweden, (January 29, 2018)


“The two sessions we had this summer have continued to be helpful. I really notice a difference in my body when I think of lengthening my spine in the ways we worked.”

~ Marta Lettofski
Performance and Creativity Coach in Chicago, (October 3, 2017)


Amona’s expert guidance in the Feldenkrais Method gives you a pathway to listening to and ultimately trusting your own body. She gives precise, empathetic and deeply knowledgeable instruction in various gentle movements that allow you to place your body in its own alignment and comfort zone. In essence, you practice self-trust.  And the results can be quite profound.  I came to one of her sessions with severe neck pain of several months’ duration. When I left a short time later, after a class featuring incremental, organic, and self-aware movement, the pain was completely gone. As an added bonus, this teaching stayed with me in other ways as well; for example, my long-term yoga practice became more fluid and precise–more joyful.

~ Clare La Plante
Writer for Magazines, fellow meditator in Chicago, (August 23, 2016)


“I recommend Amona Buechler as a Feldenkrais Teacher/Practitioner to anyone.
As a teacher of the Method, she is competent, creative, personal, humble, thoughtful, and effective.

As a “training practitioner” – someone who can give high quality Functional Integration lessons to students in a teacher training program – I also recommend Ms. Buechler without reservation. Her lessons are appropriate to the needs of each student and they serve well as models of what new Feldenkrais Teacher needs to know and how a new teacher should conduct themselves in practice. Ms. Buechler has always worked to support the students’ personal needs, their education as teachers, and the program’s educational plan. I will miss her work with our students in our Chicago training programs. I am very glad that she is planning to contribute to our program in Taiwan.

For anyone looking for a substitute to cover a Feldenkrais practice while away from home for work or vacation, Ms. Buechler would be a good choice. She is a very ethical and honest person who would not only give good work, but who would support your relationship with your clients.

Please do not hesitate to be in touch with me directly if you have questions about Ms. Buechler. It would be my pleasure to lend my support. You may contact me at:


~ Paul Rubin
Educational Director & 
Institute for the Study of Somatic Education (ISSE) (March 16, 2015)


“In May 2012 Amona Buechler joined a monthly Feldenkrais Method® Mentoring group I teach in Chicago. The focus and aim of that mentoring class is to improve the skills and knowledge necessary for Functional Integration® lessons. I watched Amona’s understanding and skills blossom over almost three years of her attendance. She shows great interest and sensitivity when applying my guidance as well as when working with her classmates. Amona demonstrates her creativity by adapting the instructions to the individual needs of her own clients or by asking perceptive questions. Again and again Amona demonstrated that she is well trained and skilled in The Feldenkrais Method®. She is leaving Chicago to embark on a path of independent study and travel. I am confident that her ongoing journey will enhance her knowledge of the Feldenkrais Method®.”

~Ellen Soloway
Assistant Trainer in the Feldenkrais Method® – Editor of all eleven volumes Alexander Yanai Awareness Through Movement Lessons of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais  (January 14, 2015)


Amona has been my Feldenkrais Teacher for 2.5 or 3 years. She is very resourceful, patient and mindful. With even one new student she takes the time to explain the Feldenkrais Philosophy – an “elementary” lesson that I benefit from each time. But the most important trait that Amona gifts her students with, is a generosity of spirit in every class.

~Jan Boudart
Student, Chicago Rogers Park, (February 2015)


I have been taking Feldenkrais classes with Amona for about two and a half years.  In that time I have learned to listen and focus to her instructions for each movement. She uses a calm and soothing voice which allows me to focus on the instructions.  She teaches with lightheartedness when the movement is not how it is expected the student (me) doesn’t feel self-conscious because I am doing something wrong. I’ve learned to be introspective and ask/feel what is happening as I follow the lesson, instead of worrying about doing it the right way.  After a lesson I feel really great because I’ve learned to move in some new ways.

~Nasya Mancera
~Nasya Mancera, Student, Chicago Pilson (February 2015)


Focusing Testimonials

“I very much appreciated being led into focusing practice in the way you did.”
Speech Therapist and Counsellor, May 2024


“My focusing experience with you was deeply meaningful, in large part due to your presence, patience, pace, kindness and teaching. Many thanks.”
Clinical social worker, January 2024


Roz Bird
“…I’ve enjoyed the Focusing Skills Course and the group so much!  I’ve found it enriching, hugely stimulating and really nourishing.  Amona, I’ve loved you holding and the nuance of the content.  Your years of experience and your wisdom are evident to me in it all: resources, session structure, content, and holding of group dynamics.  I see the effects of this practice popping up all over my life and interactions with others.”
Facilitator and conflict mediator, August 2023


Milagros Paredes
On Google My Business
“Amona is a brilliant teacher, in so many ways. I first met her when she was offering a brief workshop for the Focusing Institute. My experience of her in that initial workshop was profound and moving and I knew that I finally had a teacher for learning more deeply about Focusing. I signed up for a 7 month course that was offered online. I was especially interested in observing Amona’s teaching style, presence, and ways of interacting with us. Here classes were characterized by her unique way of listening – deeply and thoroughly, with a clear desire to truly understand what was being asked or said. I also really appreciated how every difficulty, discomfort, not-quite-rightness, whether in the focusing partnership process, or in the class as a whole, was treated as an opportunity for further exploration and learning. This was so perfect and quite yummy for me, even though challenging at times. It is so clear that Amona gives everything she has to each and every class she teaches. I know that I will continue to study with Amona. She is one who is always evolving, and I can therefore trust that there will always be more for me to learn from her.”


Jennifer Johnston
“This Focusing gave me an experiential understanding of how that other body-intelligence speaks to and through the mind tool. That intelligence comes in on a different pathway then the mind’s creation.”


Nirel Chico
I have had multiple one-on-one sessions with Amona.  Each time I have done this I have found each journey to bring an insight that allows me to take a glimpse of my inner-verse--the uni-verse inside myself.  It is always different, always singing another tune, and sending me a message that I should pay attention to.  And the messages are quite surprising, not what I would expect.
Schoolteacher and Raw Food Chef in Chicago


Kunzan Dechen Chodron
Since the Focusing workshop, I’ve done mini sessions with myself when I’m feeling out of sorts and find the process helpful. It seems to be a gentle way to approach difficult emotional states and gives tools to make it feel safer.
World Traveler and much more


Clare La Plante
A Focusing session with Amona can be nothing short of a revelation. She sits with you, gently guiding the inner process of listening. What she offers, in essence, is a safe holding, a non-judgmental witnessing that allows you to trust your own experiences, thoughts, and feelings to the relief of bodily tension and psychological stress. Focusing allows for a greater self-assurance– a confidence that you are the expert of your own body and mind.
Clare La Plante is a writer for magazines


Nasya Mancera

Chicago Pilson, a retired teacher, (Feb 04, 2019)


Sugatha (Dan De Lorenzo)
“I think the Focusing session was helpful. To feel all the concerns that came up for me in the body and thinking. And then to set them down on the floor and experience some distance. So noticing them all clearly and name them rather than having a worry in the back of my mind that I carry around. To feel that space between myself and the issues maybe lets me act less compulsively, not just to get things done but to feel the body and rhythm that lets it be more completely done.”
Sugatha is a musician (base player) and Feldenkrais Practitioner


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